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The Stones of Power

Lord Morgorth is a dark mage on the planet Karishian. His peers consider him a villain, but there is more to him than they choose to understand. Cursed by a dark destiny and tormented by painful memories of the past, Morgorth struggles to find his place in the world. Far from innocent, Morgorth has teetered between embracing his destiny and fighting against it his entire life. A decision that is made easier when Aishe comes into his life.


Aishe is a creature of the forest, a warrior and healer. He has the moral compass that Morgorth needs, and Morgorth gives Aishe the companionship he craves. Together, they forge ahead, weathering the storms and fighting the enemies fate puts into their paths.


However, their greatest enemy is not a living being, but gemstones infused with deadly power. They are addictive, seductive, and completely treacherous. Morgorth hates them and is determined to find and imprison all of them. But he soon realizes they are keys to a greater power. He learns his destiny is not all he thought it was. And an even greater enemy stirs in the darkness.


Enter the world of :

Ruby: Lost and Found
Peridot: War and Peace
Amethyst: Bow and Arrow
Emerald: Good and Evil
Agate: Then and Now
Carnelian: Dreams and Visions
Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten and Remembered
Sapphire: Home and Abroad
Jade: First and Last

Coming 2023
Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten and Remembered
Sapphire: Home and Abroad
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