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Legacy: Saga of the Bold People #2

For this blog I thought it would be fun to allow you a glimpse into the plans I have for Leopold and Mastrodai from "Leopold" (Saga of the Bold People #1). I will avoid spoilers as much as possible but I feel the need to alert you to some expansions to relationships that might prove surprising (or not) to some.

I am also just super excited for Leopold's story to continue and, trust me, I'm as impatient for the next installment as many of you are... but I work 40hrs a week at the day job and if you want quality over quantity, then the next book will take as long as it takes... though certainly not 7 years as the first one.

With that said, let's get started, shall we?

Now that Leopold is fairly well established on Mragin with Mastrodai, I decided to shake things up once again and force him to discover his origins. He's very much a self-made man and never cared much about his parentage. Until now.

With the elemental power he now possesses thanks to the mxyn, he has a closer connection to the universe, which means he's a more sensitive conduit for visions... and memories that aren't his own.

He is forced into finding answers about his parents' fates, which set off a chain of events and discoveries that not only shake his view of himself (again) but his role in the large scheme of human existence.

Mastrodai's POV

You read that right... Mastrodai will get his time in the sun. I am both excited and anxious to give him his own voice. I am still learning who Mastrodai is and how he views the world. You know, alien and all. Many of you expressed your desire to get inside the head of the big golden mrrog prince, so here you go.

He has his own reasons for helping Leopold free the human species as well as his own societal pressures and familial conflicts. I dive further into those in "Legacy" as well.

The title legacy expresses the concept of what our parents leave for us as well as what we leave behind for the next generation. Leopold's parents left behind a surprising legacy for him while Mastrodai's own parents have expectations that he has no intention of following.

Conflict is story folks, and wow, I have a lot of it!

Here is my interesting drawing of Leopold years ago. When I used to draw regularly. I still like it.

Expanding Relationships

Alex has always held a special place in my heart since her inception. She is Leopold's opposite in many ways but still a strong, competent, caring woman. She is essentially Leopold's reintroduction into humanity since his escape from Lex years earlier. She truly embodies everything good about humanity and her maternal and nurturing nature is an attractive quality. It's no wonder Leopold will fall in love with her.

Yes, you heard that right.

But before you get mad, I have a few things to elaborate on that relationship. 1) Leopold and Mastrodai are utterly devoted to each other and will remain so for all six books of the saga. This is a romance series after all. 2) However, Alex will be added to the mix. Why? Well, both Leopold and Mastrodai respect and like her with great affection. I dropped hints about that in "Leopold" so this may not be shocking to many of you. They will be a devoted, exclusive, menage. 3) Another however, I don't think this will be consummated (ahem) until books 3 or 4. I am only two chapters into "Legacy" so I can't say for certain. Yet with the number of events, including off planet trips in this book, it won't fit.

I truly hope you'll join me for the ride. I can promise excitement, hope, adventure, sexy times, and Leopold's darkly humorous and cynical view of his world.



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