Shifters and Magick and Stones, oh my!

October 30, 2013

Welcome everyone! 


Since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my first blog, I decided to just talk about my books as a way to introduce myself and what I do.


I have two series currently in production with two different publishers. My "Stones of Power" series is with Torquere Press while my "The Shifters" series is with Dreamspinner Press. The "Stones of Power" series currently has two books published but it will be a 13 book series. Book 3 has been accepted and I'm currently shopping around for a beta for Book 4. I plan to write to Book 5, then take a break before diving back in. Hopefully the break won't be longer than year. Working on two very different series sure takes it out of me.


"The Shifters" has become quite popular and I am equally surprised and flattered that so many like it. I have about 20ish books planned for that series with many different couples introduced. I plan to do some sequels with already-introduced couples which should be fun. I have and over-arching plot as well as subplots in each book. 


I created my own mythology for each series and that was a blast but also a headache. Yet, after everything, it was so very worth it. It gives a certain realism to both series while keeping the magickal elements that I love so much.


Well, now let me break down each series separately, because they are so very different:


"The Shifters": Obviously, this series is about shapeshifters. But it is so much more than that. I not only have wolf shifters, I have cougars, bears, deer, and even a bull shifter. Yep, I have a kick-ass bucking bull who shows up in "Love is a Whirlwind". I have plans for bird shifters, even a snake shifter, and so many others. Wolves are awesome, don't get me wrong, but they're not the only majestic animal out there I want to write about. I also have an organization I call the Agency who could be considered a secret police force which protects shifters. They hunt those who wish to destroy shifters as well as keeping the existence of shifters hidden from the general populace. Agents are tough, recruited in their teens, and loyal to the cause. They are unashamedly workaholics. The Knights are the enemies in this series. These people are the complete opposite of the Agency. They want to eradicate shifters, seeing them as abominations. There have been many of these sorts of people over the ages and only recently were they gathered together under the leadership of Arcas. Arcas is basically my big-bad villain but there is far more to him than anyone knows....


I have some recurring characters, most of them agents, who help different couples out of dangerous situations. The first 6 books have been published, which I consider as "Part 1" of my series. I have 5 parts to this series before I'm through with around 4-5 books in each. And I never rule out the possibility that I'll add more books. It really depends on my needs and what the plot calls for. So, if your interested, check out my book lists (and my kick-ass video!) and be drawn into the world of sexy shifters making love with other sexy shifters...and sometimes sexy agents!


"The Stones of Power" series: this series is, in some ways, way more intense than my "Shifters" series. I deal with the same protagonist, a dark mage named Lord Morgorth. These books are in first person in past tense. Lord Morgorth gains a mate in the first book, "Ruby: Lost and Found", his name is Aishe (Ash). He is a very complex and troubled character. He went through hell as a child as well as a rebellious stage but now he's finding happiness for the first time in his life. Aishe is the reason. Aishe could be called less complex, but I don't think so. I actually write exclusively in his POV in Book 3 "Amethyst: Bow and Arrow" which is due to be published in June 2014. I didn't even know how complex he was until I wrote that book. Each book builds on itself, so I recommend you start with the first book. 


This book is, what I call, high fantasy. It's a different planet called Karishian, in a different dimension (though Lord Morgorth is known to travel to Earth now and then) and the universe he lives in was created by a deity called the Mother. She is their creator deity and through a song I created for Book 2, I explain who she created everything (according to myth, that is).


This series came about quite by accident, actually. I was trying my hand at writing an anti-hero and ended up with Morgorth. I think he could be considered an anti-hero, but mostly, he's just a misunderstood, hated individual, who was condemned by birth just because of the manner of his birth. He was always called a villain, so why shouldn't he become one? I am quite proud of this series and I hope it gains more attention as I publish more books and when my website becomes known. Maybe there'll be cross-overs - my shifter fans curious about this series. I can hope.


These book are also longer, novel length. My shifters are novella-length. 


I have so many other books planned that have nothing to do with either series, though. My mind never stops creating other stories. All I can do is take notes, save the file, and move on. But I will get back to them one day! I have to!


Well, that's it for now. If your curiosity is peaked, please check out my book pages and start on ye quest oh gentle damosels and worshipful knights! (sorry, been reading Le Morte DArthur and they speak like that, it's so pretty but also kind of funny).


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