Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten & Remembered

(The Stones of Power #7)

Join the dark mage Morgorth and his mate Aishe as they confront their greatest challenge yet... each other.


The dark mage Morgorth’s relationship with Aishe is fractured and a vision of death circles his mind.


He knows he must choose between his mate or his magick but the consequences of his choice might be too much for him to bear.

What People Say

"I so rarely read science fiction stories, that it’s always an exciting treat for me when I find one like this that has such vast scope, intriguing characters, and complex world building.  It was much longer than most books I read (about twice as long), so I was immersed in this universe for quite some time and did grow attached to both Leopold and Mastrodai.  There were also supporting characters who caught my attention, and my curiosity is thoroughly piqued to see where the author goes with this saga."


 Carra at Making it Happen book blog, on "Leopold"

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